Contacting My Congressmen

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During the recent national attack on the Second Amendment, I decided to make my voice heard.  I called the offices of both of my U.S. Senators, my U.S. Representative, and the Speaker of the House for good measure. I also contacted them by email.

My Stand

I expressed to those representing me that I didn’t want them to vote for any new gun control legislation. I feel that there are more than enough federal gun laws on the books and that we simply need to enforce what already exists. New legislation will not make any difference in stopping violent gun-related crime (in fact studies show more gun control will increase crime).

Furthermore, I expressed that any new laws would be an infringement upon our Second Amendment rights.

Position Revealed

The effort to pass more gun control did not make it out of the Senate, so my 2 senators were the only lawmakers who showed their hand. Senator Rob Portman voted against the new legislation (Thank you, Senator Portman. I support you). Senator Sherrod Brown voted for the new legislation (I will be voting against you when you come up for re-election, Mr. Brown).


I also let the other 2 representatives in the House know that I’m watching what they are doing and that I expect them to represent my interests (or I won’t vote for them).

Squeaky Wheel

It’s my understanding that A LOT of people contacted their congressmen over this gun control issue. I’m glad to hear it. Obviously the squeaky wheel got the grease. I was a part of the democratic process and after going through this experience, I plan to continue calling and emailing on this and other issues that are important to me. I would hope that we all would take part in that democratic process. It’s what makes our country special. We must fight to keep it that way.


Have you contacted those representing you?

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