Concealed Carry Permit Holders are Highly Law Abiding


I’ve heard it argued from some in the gun control crowd that it would be better to have less concealed carry permits out there. If the legally concealed weapons numbers are lessened, there will be less crime. This argument loosely assumes that those with legal permits to carry concealed weapons are committing crimes with their guns.


The exact opposite is true. Those who put themselves through the process of acquiring a permit to carry are some of the most law abiding citizens in our community. In order to get a permit, a holder has to submit to the laws in their state and county.

My Experience

In my case, I had to go through a lot of hoops to get my permit to carry concealed. I filled out a large stack of papers which among other things, demanded to know where I’ve been since I was eighteen. My fingerprints, name and social security number were checked against the database. I even had to pay $65 dollars that I would have rather kept for ammo.

I chose to put myself through this process because I wanted to do it right, and legally.


Those who commit violent crimes with guns don’t submit themselves to this scrutiny or to the law of the land. They don’t want to be on the radar.

Holsters for Example

Take the law in the state of Ohio about holsters. In order to carry concealed, permit holders are required to carry their weapon in a holster. This makes sense just on a safety level.

But criminals don’t carry in holsters, they do the waistband thing. Holsters are too much of a pain. They’d rather do it their way and put themselves and others at risk. A certain NFL player comes to mind.

Other Areas

Furthermore, studies have also shown that CCW holders are very law abiding in all the other areas as well. Those who submit themselves to the law of the land regarding concealed weapons are most likely to follow all the laws of the land.

Gun Control Pattern

Isn’t that the pattern for gun control anyway? Attack the rights of the law abiding to make the country safer. But in reality it only makes things worse. The criminals will keep doing what they do with less to oppose them.

The main point here is, those who acquire a permit to carry concealed are the ones who need to keep the guns. They are the good guys. Who knows………..they may even be able to stop the bad guys.


Do you agree that CCW holders are law abiding?

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  1. I bet the handsome devil in that photo is a law abiding.

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