Concealed Carry “Live Fire” Scenarios


On the first night of my concealed carry class our instructor took us through live fire scenarios with airsoft pistols. Safety glasses were mandatory and we could only shoot below the neck. At least that was the rule. It wasn’t always followed.


We were walked through situations that we might see in the real world. They were purposely pulled right out of the headlines. Current events that either could have or did involve a concealed carry shooting were recreated for us to act out.

By the Numbers

I was personally involved with four scenarios. I think there were a total of seven for the night. The different scenarios involved everything from a church shooting to a 7-Eleven robbery.

How it Went Down

The kicker was, we didn’t know what we were in for until we walked into it. All the other players were in on the act, but the good guy (the person carrying concealed) was not let in on any info that wasn’t absolutely necessary. It was like walking in on something……unexpectedly. The concealed carry dude or dudette didn’t know who would do what until it happened.


The purpose of the exercise was to educate us as to what a shooting would “feel” like.  They probably won’t happen the way you want them to, so adrenaline, confusion and speed made it hard to figure out what action to take.

Valuable Learning Experience

I must say that this was a very fun and educational experience, a picture is worth a thousand words, and so is playacting. I wanted to take my CCW class with this particular instructor because no one else in our area does this.

There was something “real” about the pain that came with that little airsoft ball hitting your body. Even the mistakes were invaluable. They taught all of us what not to do.

I would highly recommend finding a professional trainer who is willing to put you through this process. Who knows, it could save your life.


Have you been through any “live fire” training?

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  1. Live ammo “shoot houses” are tons of fun. The pucker factor is really high, but you learn a lot about yourself (and your teammates, if you have them). Spent lots of hours in buildings built out of sod and old tires, flinging live rounds at “enemy” targets, hopefully missing the “friendlies.” (The picture of that mean looking guy with the caulking gun will get you every time!)

    • Sounds like fun. Caulking gun?

      • Yeah, so in the shoot house, we would use inflated baloons as targets, with various paper targets representing humans (a front and back representation, shrouded over the baloon) to indicate whether the target was “friend” or “foe.” When you shot the target, the baloon would obviously explode, causing the target to fall to the ground.

        Some of the paper shrouds were obvious enemies (e.g., ahem, “non-Christian, non-Jewish, non-Hindu, non-Buddhist, etc.” militants; armed garden variety bad guys, etc.). Some were obvious friendlies (e.g., the little old lady, the nursing mom, the little kid with the lolly pop). Some were more “grey area” targets (e.g., the little kid with the squirt gun, the old man with the cane).

        But there was this one that my platoon (including yours truly) could not stop killing. It was a mean-looking dude holding a caulking gun, like he had just been fired from a sweet union construction job. No matter where he was in the room (and I don’t know why any of these people were the rooms), he invariably took a “controlled pair” of 5.56 or 9mm through the chest, head, or caulking gun – and we got gigged for drilling him.

        Fortunately, we never ran into any angry caulkers in Iraq.

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