Concealed Carry Holster

Taurus TCP Holster


After much research, I went ahead and bought a conceal carry holster made by Pro Carry on Amazon.  This holster is for my Taurus TCP. I looked at several designs and materials, but decided to go with the one pictured above.


The holster is made to wear inside the waistband on the hip. There’s a a clip on its right side for the belt and/or pants that provides a little forward cant to the natural angle of the holster.  It’s obviously made of black leather.

The Material

I decided to go with leather because it would mold to the gun as it stretched.  At first it was tight in certain spots around the triger guard, but now it slips right in without letting the gun slip out (even upside down).


I made the decision to go with something on the hip because it seemed like the most natural draw movement.  The nice thing about this design is that it provides several options.  I can either wear the holster canted forward on the hip, or at an angle that is more upright by slightly pivoting the holster on my belt. The other option is to put it farther around my waist toward my back and then the forward cant works perfectly.

Check out the conceal carry holster made by Pro Carry.


Have you picked a conceal carry holster, or are you looking for one?

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