Concealed Carry for Women (Guest Post)

Since I can’t speak to the issue of concealed carry for women, I’ve asked Karen, a friend of our family, to share her point of view. I hope you enjoy her story.


Last year, my husband expressed interest in getting his concealed weapons permit.  Other than my grandfather, who was a detective on the local police force, I had not grown up around guns.   My husband and I discussed this in length and I was a bit more receptive now that our kids are older (9 and 12.)

My biggest fear was the unknown.  I knew overcoming that was easy.  I just needed to get educated.

I let my husband take the lead.  He took a concealed weapons class.  We are in Florida and the system was so backed up that permits were taking about 3 months to process. During this time, we read up on laws, safety and the weapons themselves.

I could tell you all about our discussions with our children, teaching them the “safety rules” and our experience with purchasing weapons, and practicing at the range but that would take way more than one blog entry.

My husband signed me up for a concealed weapons class and I went alone.  While I was nervous about going alone, I knew it would be good for me.   At the time, we had two 9mm Glocks (G26 and G17) and a .22.  I took the .22 with me to class because that is the one I’m most comfortable with.  At the end of this particular class, you are required to fire 50 rounds with the instructor inside the range. I’m actually a pretty good shot and that makes it a bit more fun to practice.

When my permit finally arrived, I was ready to choose a weapon for my everyday carry.  I had only ever fired 9mm and .22’s but a revolver had been suggested to me as a nice personal carry. My husband and I went shopping and I gravitated toward the 9mm’s because that is what I was familiar with.  But after 15 minutes of racking a few of them back, nothing felt quite right and my wrist was already sore, due to an old injury.

I like to think I got lucky that day because the salesperson helping us was a woman.  She knew what I was going through, the thoughts I was having:

  • “I’m not strong enough to rack this Glock back.”

  • “I need something small.”

  • “I need a holster that will work with my purse.”

She suggested I try a revolver since none of the 9mm’s were meeting my requirements.  As soon as I held the Ruger LCR, I knew it was the one.  It felt right in my hand.  And I NEVER thought I’d say this about a weapon, but it’s beautiful.

I chose a sticky holster because I liked the way it covered the trigger, especially when I carry in my purse.  For now it’s minimal.

I’ve had my personal carry for about 5 months and I really only carry it in my purse.  The other day was the first time I ran errands with it on my hip.  It was odd and I worried people could see it, but they couldn’t. I don’t wear it on my person because my clothing, especially during the summer in Florida, is challenging to conceal in.  I’m going to look into other holster options this week, including a thigh holster for under dresses.  I imagine it will be easier when the weather cools down and I have more options to carry on my hip. While it’s nice to have it in my purse, if I ever needed it, it’d be nice to have options for my everyday carry.

Karen lives in Florida with her husband and 2 children.  She’s a self-employed content writer and techie geek.

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