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My wife and I decided that our family would go to Disney World in May. I knew beforehand that I would probably act as the family pack mule during the long hot days so I decided to buy a bag to carry everything in. I didn’t need anything as big as a backpack, so I decided to go with a smaller day pack that slings over the shoulder. Since I “needed” said day pack anyway, why not get one that could be used for concealed carry as well? You never know.


I found a tactical messenger bag from UTG on Amazon that looked good and had great buyer reviews. It had plenty of pouches, Velcro and webbing. The digital camo kept it from resembling anything like a purse.  Best of all, the dimensions listed online meant my full-sized Glock 22 would fit in the concealed back pocket (I hoped).

Decision To Buy

I wasn’t sure if this bag was what I really wanted. I mean, you always take a chance when buying online. But I liked Amazon’s description and the pictures looked promising. For under $34 bucks I decided to go for it.


When the bag came to the house via UPS, it looked good. The size was perfect. All the features looked very utilitarian. There was a pouch where I could store an extra mag and my Glock definitely fit.


The only thing left was to field test the product.  After arriving at The Magic Kingdom I slowly began to realize that this bag was perfect for what I needed. Daddy was able to carry four water bottles, money, sunscreen, sunglasses, maps, food, hats, ID, credit cards, hotel key cards and all the things we had purchased in the park.  Everything was easily reachable.  At one point the webbing had all sorts of paraphernalia hanging off of it like I was a WWII Jeep or something.

To those of you at Disney, I thought that it would be good at this point to mention that I didn’t carry in your park.  I could have comfortably added my full sized pistol (if I were somewhere where it was permitted), but I didn’t want to risk the family vacation.


I was completely impressed with this little day pack.  The utilitarian quality paired with the price sets it apart . Other comparable packs online were going for around $50 to $100 more.  I can see how this would work well on hiking and camping excursions as well as other family vacation trips where I’m able to carry concealed. I’m glad I took the chance and made the purchase.

Click here check out the tactical messenger bag from UTG.


Do you own any type of concealed carry bag?

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