Concealed Carry Class


The Class

I just recently completed the necessary training for the Ohio permit to carry a concealed weapon.  The state of Ohio says you must go through 12 hours of instruction in order to be considered eligible. My instructor chose to divide that up into two 6 hour weeknights. Each night the class started at 4:00 and ended at 10:00.  We did it at a local sportsman’s club.

Day 1 – Classroom Work

The first day started with inside classwork.  We were introduced to the instructor, his assistants and their credentials. Then we were shown different types of handguns and their actions.  Next we were walked through the laws affecting those who decide to carry concealed.

Day 1 – Scenarios

Finally, we ended the first night by acting through prepared live-fire scenarios with airsoft pistols.  We did a couple outside while it was still light enough, then finished inside. I want to note that I received a battle wound during those scenarios.  This exercise was both fun and educational.

Day 2 – Setup

The next day was mostly range work.  It was there that I had an absolute blast. We immediately started out on the target range. The instructor talked to us about his expectations for safety and what the guidelines were.  We learned how to find out or verify which eye was dominant, and were shown how to properly hold the pistol.

Day 2 – Shooting

Next we were divided into 3 shooting teams (I was in team 3). We began by shooting from 10 feet to establish a baseline.  This was actually the distance we shot from the majority of the night.  Then we moved to a bowling pin drill. After that we worked on shooting from 20 and then 30 feet.  We finally trained a little on low light and night fire (flashlight technique) shooting.

Day 2 – Classroom Work

After five hours of range work, it was hard to come back inside for the last hour of needed classroom work.  One of the instructors showed us options for holsters. We then took a mandatory test that had 3 questions. It seemed very easy to me.  After that we were instructed about the process to apply for our permit with the county sheriff.  Then we were given our certificate of completion and a copy of our instructor’s certification.


That was it. I had been waiting to take that class for months……and then it was over.  It was nice to participate in it.  I’m glad I was able to walk through the process. I had a great time, and would certainly do it again if it was needed. Next,  apply with the Sheriff’s office.


Have you taken a CCW class, or would you like to?

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