CCW Application: Picking up the License

my license

Well, the day has come. Two days ago I received a voicemail from the Sherriff’s office stating that my license was ready to go. I then returned the call yesterday and made an appointment to “pick it up” today.

Freak Chance

Strangely enough, when I arrived at the Sherriff’s office one of the guys that I had taken my CCW class with was in the parking lot getting ready to leave. He had just picked his license up in the appointment slot before me.

The Event

After talking briefly with him, I went into the building, checked in with the lady working the front window, and breezed right through the metal detector (there was no one manning it). I sat down and waited maybe 2 minutes with absolutely no one else in the waiting area.

Then I was called back to the office of the Captain in charge of the concealed carry permits. He took my picture and had me digitally sign for the license signature. I then signed a receipt form and was on my way


All that and it’s over. This appointment almost felt like a non event. Well on to carrying in the wide world beyond my front door.


Do you have your permit?

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