CCW Application: The Call to the Sheriff


When it comes to applying with the Sheriff for a concealed carry permit in our county (state of Ohio) you must first call the office to set up an appointment. Then during the appointment you can turn in your application for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Today I made that call to set up my appointment with the Sheriff’s office. Monday is the day. I’ll walk into the office with my class certificate, driver’s license, application form and check for 65 buckaroos. After that I’ll have to wait for the response. We’ll see.

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  1. Good for you. We need more good guys carrying guns.

  2. I don’t necessarily love everything about living in PA (beauracracy learned to walk here, after all), but I am thankful for the “shall issue” CCW laws. I just walked into the sheriff’s office, filled out the questionnaire, dropped a cool Hickory in the clerk’s tired hand (I was probably the 20th applicant that day, and it was shortly after noon – seems as if every Pennsylvanian has gained a couple of pounds around the midsection in the last 6 months), and had my photo taken. Two weeks later, I got a nice shiny certification (with a stunningly handsome guy looking back at me).

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