CCW Application: My Visit to the Sheriff’s Office


I went to the Sheriff’s office.  In a previous post I mentioned that in my county, you have to schedule an appointment first in order to apply for the concealed carry permit. Well, today I had my appointment.


After I entered the building, I checked in with the lady behind the bulletproof glass who was in charge of receiving. She directed me toward the waiting area to sit down. I had to wait because there was already someone else applying for a carry permit with the officer in charge of the process.

I first had to go through the security checkpoint. A deputy watched as I went through the metal detector. Lucky for me, no alarms went off.

Waiting Time

I then sat in the common waiting area. In our county the jail, District Attorney’s office, and the Sheriff’s office are all in one building. This meant I was waiting with a lot of different types of people. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one.

Called Back

Finally (after about 10 minutes) I was called into an office area by the captain in charge of concealed carry. He walked me back to his office where he started the process. He checked my paperwork, driver’s license, and then did my fingerprints. I actually haven’t ever seen the laser fingerprint scanner (pretty cool).


After that he said I was done and sent me on my way. I was out the door about 20 minutes after I entered.

What Next?

The last thing to do in this process is to wait for an answer. I’m assuming that since I don’t have a criminal record the rest is a formality. We’ll find out.

The captain said it should be about 2 weeks until he calls me. He said they are processing about 70 to 80 applications a week (Wow!). If accepted, I can come in, get my picture taken, give them my signature, and pick up my permit.


Have you applied for a CCW? How was your experience different?

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