Extra Pmags


With a little extra dough from Christmas presents, I bought 2 more pmags to add to the first one I bought with the AR-15.

As you can see, they are the windowed version, which I love. You may not be able to to tell from the lighting of the picture, but they are Magpul od green. Each holds 30 rounds. I currently can put 90 downrange before I have to switch to my backup.

Lately, I have been gaga over Magpul gear. They simply make great stuff. All of it is quite functional, and looks good too.

These pmags are no exception. there is a reason why the pmag is arguably the most popular AR-15 magazine on the market. They have a solid feel, good grip, fit into the mag well perfectly and allow for reliable feeding of ammunition into the chamber.

The little window thingy is nice too. I don’t have to count shots. The brightly painted orange section of the magazine spring shows me the approximate number left. Beautiful.

What else can I say, Love ’em. Merry Christmas to me.

The First Domino


The First Domino

It seems to me that our nation is like a set of dominoes laid out in a line. One big push on the first one, and they all could start falling in succession. Each domino represents the standards or laws that guarantee the identity and function of our nation provided by the constitution. I would like to propose that although it may be the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms is the first domino.

Granted, this observation of mine leaves the Almighty God out of the equation (which is not a wise thing to do because He can do anything He wants), but for the purpose of this conversation, I’ll keep this on the natural level. Let’s just say that unless God intervenes, our right to bear arms could be destroyed or eroded further. That would then open the door for all our other rights to topple as well…..like dominoes.

Checks and Balances

It is our ability to keep the federal government in check through the Second Amendment (which is a last resort) that protects all our other rights. All the other amendments and their existence hinge upon the Second. Who will defend the right to free speech or assembly or religion if the right to bear arms is taken from us? Who could? Words can be powerful, but in the face of dictatorship, they mean nothing.

Speed is Key

Yes, all our other rights are being attacked in some way, shape, or form. Some are being eroded, but it is a slow process and the damage can be repaired. If the Second Amendment goes however, the process will be faster than we can fathom. We’ll wake up one day and realize our country is not just slightly unfamiliar, it will be unrecognizable.

What to Do

It is our job to recognize the danger, and protect this God-given right. Don’t be paralyzed. When we see people come against our right to bear arms, we need to rise up and let our voices be heard. Contact your federal and state legislators. Donate money to groups you believe in. Stand up……..or the first domino may fall.



crow bar

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation between two moms while we were waiting to pick up our kids from Sunday school.

Apparently one of the moms had a break-in the night before. Her husband works at night and she was alone with her two young children. Luckily they have a security system and the alarm must have been enough to scare the perp off. She told the other mom that some cabinets were open but nothing was missing. The young mother said that her husband was furious because it took 30 minutes for the sheriff’s deputies to show up.

I was quietly listening up to this point, but I couldn’t stand it any longer.  “Do you have any means to protect yourself?”, I asked her. Her reply was , “We have a .38 and a 9mm.” With relief I responded, “Good enough.”

All I can say is that I’m glad they have the security system and the 2 handguns to protect themselves. If a determined attacker had broken in, he wouldn’t have been deterred by the sound of an alarm, and she would have had to act to protect herself and her children. The authorities would have been there way too late. When seconds count, the police can be there in minutes.

Wheeling Federal Building Shooting

wheeling ak-47


Wednesday our local news made national headlines. Reports are that a man opened fire into the federal building in Wheeling, West Virginia with an “AK-47 style rifle”. Apparently the shooter was a former Wheeling police officer and also used to work at the (same) federal building as a guard.

Even though at least 20 shots were reported to be fired, the attack only resulted in minor injuries from flying glass. The shooter opened fire from across the street, reloading at least once.

His neighbors have reported that he was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. That makes me think that this guy wanted to commit suicide by cop.

Before he started shooting, he warned all bystanders to get out of the way, so killing others wasn’t the motive. He wanted to die, but didn’t want to take anyone with him. It doesn’t appear that he had any plan of escape.

The end result was that the suspect was then shot by police. I have reason to believe SWAT took him out. He died at the hospital. Streets, businesses, and the federal building were all closed and locked down for hours.

Close to Home

Besides this being a very sad situation, It was basically in our back yard. It hits home. There have regularly been shootings in the national news for several years now, but this one was close. To see national news agencies report on this is just weird.

It only strengthens my resolve to protect myself and my family through conceal carry. What if my family and I were downtown yesterday? We were actually planning to be near the downtown the very next day.

Apparently this shooter didn’t intend on hurting anyone, but it could have easily been different. Considering that I’m usually carrying a .380, I don’t know that I would have been able to do much against a guy with an AK and a death wish. But I sure feel better armed than not. Now I more fully realize it can happen here.

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Silent Protector

silent defender

It occurs to me that being a concealed carry permit holder is a quiet, lonely, unglorified role. Or at least it should be.

Concealed Carry : A Thankless Job

The whole idea behind concealed carry is that it’s……..concealed. No one else (or not many) should even be aware that you are carrying. They don’t need to know.

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to be part of the first line of people who are equipped to respond in an emergency. Maybe you feel like you need to protect yourself and others. Perhaps you just need to feel like you’re taking back control. Either way, it’s a huge responsibility. But it’s also quiet and thankless.

Not many around you know the responsibility you’ve decided to take on. You are preparing for the absolute worst, for that one in a million chance that you are right. The other 999,999 times you are going to be wrong. Chances are, no one is going to notice you, thank you, or praise you.

There may be other fellow carriers around you that aren’t aware of (and they are not aware of you). Perhaps you’d be surprised by the little lady on the other side of the room with the revolver in her purse.

The Haters

On the other hand, there are many around you that might curse you if they actually knew you had a gun. Their curse may be based on their fear or even hatred.

This fear some have for the responsible group of people that chooses to silently protect is based less on understanding and more on ignorance. Ignorance fostered by a media and political machine that says guns are to be feared. This message of fear and ignorance exists because of an agenda, not because of a real belief.

The average person ruled by this fear would rather hope they are safe than make sure they are. They want others (including their government) to protect them instead of doing it themselves.

For this reason it may be unfortunately wise to keep your firearm concealed. Better to keep your legal, responsible decision quiet than to deal with the loud, angry, overprotective, and naïve.

One in a Million

But if that one in a million chance actually happens, you’re going to be the one in the room who is ready. You are the one who is prepared to die first in order to have a chance to save others. Perhaps the curse of that individual in the anti-gun crowd might actually become a blessing.

But more than likely, no one around you will ever know. And that’s the way it should be.

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