Weekend Reading Roundup


Every week I post articles from across the web on Facebook and tweet about them on Twitter. These are articles that I think are pertinent to the topics we discuss on my blog. I thought I’d round them up for your weekend reading. Enjoy.

Gun control opponents turn out in force in Mass. – Massachusetts citizens speak out against gun control laws at town hall meeting

Colorado Recall Stifles Stalled Gun Control Efforts, Advocates Say – Gun control politicians think twice after Colorado recall

First 3D Printed Gun Is Now a Museum Exhibit – Printed gun makes it to a museum already

The Next Gun Control Debate — In 6 Charts – Voice of reason: The numbers associated with mass shootings and gun control.

Navy Yard Shooter Used Shotgun, Media Pushes ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban – The navy yard shooter had a shotgun when he started, not an assault rifle

Watch What Happens When a Pair of Girls Open-Carry in a Walmart (Hint: It Involves the Police) – Local police usually don’t understand the law when it comes to open carry

Gun Control’s Dead End – Navy yard shooting facts work against gun control

Update: High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment – Texas high school curriculum looks to rewrite 2nd Amendment

Read & React: French Jeweler Shoots Robber, Charged with Murder – Good article on self defense laws in France

The Truth Hurts the Left: Navy Yard Shooting


As I’ve been reading up on the shooting in D.C. at the navy yard, I begin to see some interesting facts pop up. It just takes some intelligence and intuition to translate, but the left can’t focus on these facts too much without contradicting their agenda.

The Shotgun

One of the biggest problems they have is the existence of the shotgun. Maybe a better way of saying it is the absence of an assault rifle. The AR-15 is easy to go after. At first it was reported that the shooter did indeed have an AR, and everyone on the left went salivatingly ballistic.

There is a problem with attacking guns after this tragedy which involved, not an assault rifle, but instead a shotgun. NO ONE is going to try to regulate shotguns first. That would be absolute political suicide (and I might add would signal every American that the government has gone too far). For goodness sake, Uncle Joe Biden told us to go with shotguns.

Alexis’ Mental Health

A second problem progressives have with the truth here is the mental instability of the shooter. Alexis slipped through the cracks of the laws already set up. The government looks foolish and incapable here. If they can’t do their job with preexisting stopgaps, how can we believe they will be effective with further power.

Gun Free Zone

The “gun free” zone that is Washington D.C. also works against the left here. As I understand the draconian gun laws in that city, the very act of bringing the shotgun into the city limits was illegal. This doesn’t even bring into consideration that the base itself created a second layer of restriction against being able to carry.

This means that Aaron Alexis was acting against the law as soon as he entered the city limits with the firearm, and was a criminal. As obvious as this statement is, it must be said. No criminal follows the rules.

Therefore, no laws, new or old will stop a man set on murder. In fact all the failed regulations that were being discussed after Newtown would not have stopped this man.

Time to Kill

Furthermore, because they give killers a safe area for several minutes, gun free zones act to attract killers, not repel them. They know they won’t be opposed for a large chunk of time that they can use. This is how our military forces act against a known enemy.

In this case, the first armed security officer arrived 7 minutes after the shooting started. And he was gunned down. So was a second guard. It wasn’t until the “SWAT” team arrived (15 to 20 minutes after the first shot!) that any effective resistance was made.

I would put forth that if the shooter knew that regular military personnel and civilians were allowed to carry on the facility, this would have never happened.

The Truth Hurts

I don’t know how the progressive left is going to try to spin this, but they can’t rely on the facts. The truth only hurts their cause.


What do you think of the facts unraveling out of the navy yard shooting?

Navy Yard Shooting and Gun Control Talk: So it Begins…….Again

Washington Navy Yard Sign

Yesterday, as the tragedy of the Washington D.C. navy yard shooting began to unfold in the news, I mentioned that gun control proponents were hinting at ramping up talk about increased legislation. That was in the early afternoon. By the evening, the talk was outright open about how this newest shooting is proof that more gun control laws are now obviously necessary.

Timing is Everything

It didn’t even take 24 hours. I would say that it was more like six hours. But when a group is desperate to make something happen, then they will use desperate measures.

Just like with Newtown, it appears that certain groups and individuals were simply waiting for their next opportunity to take advantage of the momentum from the next groundswell of fear. Because fear is exactly what it takes for us to trade our liberties for “security”. We see a danger in the news, the government says that they can keep us safe if we just surrender a little more of our Second Amendment rights and we agree.

State of the Heart

The issue that can be exploited  here is the difference in mindset between the American populace and some of those in power. Most American citizens (either for or against firearms) do not have a hidden agenda regarding guns and gun control. On the other hand, those at the top, who lead the gun control movement, don’t tell the rest of us what they are really after……control.

In the midst of a crisis (like yesterday’s shooting in D.C.), the average citizen reacts with heartfelt rage, injustice, compassion and even fear. Looking to take advantage of us while we are down, the elitists pushing gun control move on a preplanned agenda with a cold and calculating desire for power.

The Whole Truth

As I said yesterday, if we are going to tell the whole story here, let’s remember that our military are restricted from being armed on their bases. Would this shooting even have occurred if the shooter knew that most of the people on the facility would have been carrying? I say no.


Navy Yard Shooting

navy yard

This morning I heard on the radio that there was a shooting at a navy facility in our nation’s capitol. Apparently a disgruntled ex-navy avionics electrician opened fire on employees coming into work.

Gun Control

Unfortunately, we all know what’s coming next. There are those who will try to use this tragic event to push more gun-control legislation. It’s already being hinted at.


But with all compassion and respect for the families involved, I want to point out that there is another important issue here. Military personnel are not permitted to carry “on base”.

This is similar to the shooting at Ft. Hood. Members of our armed forces, who are better trained in how to handle weapons than the majority of the population, are not allowed to be armed on any of our military bases. They are paid to carry in “hot zones” overseas, but they are not allowed to be armed when they on their respective bases.

No Carry Zones

Very similar to civilian “no carry” zones, military bases can be magnets for those looking to kill. The shooter knows in advance that they will not be opposed by anyone carrying a weapon for several minutes. I think this is especially true at our bases in the states. When unarmed victims have to wait minutes for the police or security to come on the scene, It’s too late.

Wake Up

The world is changing. I don’t buy that Nidal Malik Hasan was acting by himself. Our Country is under attack. In this day and age, our military personnel on bases in the states need to be treated like those out in the field where attack is expected.

If the administration is going to go after guns and the right to bear arms after this heinous crime has been committed, the whole story needs to be discussed. Let’s look at arming our service members first.


Weekend Reading Roundup


Every week I post articles from across the web on Facebook and tweet about them on Twitter. These are articles that I think are pertinent to the topics we discuss on my blog. I thought I’d round them up for your weekend reading. Enjoy.

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Gunmakers Were Serious about Relocating Because of ‘Offensive’ State Gun-Control Laws – Gun manufacturers are going to react to gun control

Sen. John Morse Ousted in Historic Vote, Vows to “Continue to Fight” – Colorado state senator Morse recalled

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The Colorado Recalls Dealt a Serious Blow to Gun-Control Advocates. Here’s Why. – Fallout from the Colorado recall begins

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