This Would Have Been a Bullet Hole: Why Talk Doesn’t Work

airsoft injury

Ok, so this one goes back to my first CCW class. We were working through airsoft scenario training, which I highly recommend. Each scenario was different. The good guy was told to go into another room while the rest of the class set up the situation in the “live fire” area.

One of the most important rules for the scenarios is that the bad guy couldn’t shoot the good guy until they see (said good guy) pull their gun. Hope that makes sense.

I was the concealed carry person, and didn’t know who the bad guy or guys were. I didn’t know what I was walking into until the instructor gave a brief description and then told us to “go”.

This particular situation was outside around 2 picnic tables. I was told to sit down at one table, and 3 others were sitting at the other table. There were also about 5 people milling around, talking in front of me about 20 feet away. The instructor told me that I was at a college campus, studying, and…. “Scenario on.” Ok, here we go.

While I was “studying” at the picnic table, quite alertly I might add, two of the people that were standing got into a fight. People were yelling, but no immediate threat of serious injury or death, so I played it cool, and just continued to sit there.

Then one of the guys at the other picnic table pulled a gun, and started yelling, and pointed his gun at the two who were fighting. BINGO.

Instead of immediately pulling my concealed weapon (and triggering a shootout), I stood up and quickly positioned myself 6 feet directly behind the shooter then pulled my gun and aimed it at his back. I had him, at point blank range.

But here is where I made a DEADLY mistake. I must have seen too many cop shows, or something. I yelled, “Put the gun down!” It may seem like I did the civilized thing, but what happened after that shows that it was just stupid.

What I didn’t know was the instructor told the bad guy not to let me take his gun. When I told him to “put the gun down”, he simply froze, gun in his raised hands. After I repeated the command four or five times, he sat down at the table and laid the gun down right beside him. inches from his raised hand. Now what do I do? Everyone in the class was watching, and my coolness factor was evaporating by the second.

I told him to move away from the gun (several times), and he did not budge. Shooting a man in the back with no weapon in his hand didn’t seem completely justified, so I decided I would have to move to take the gun. DOUBLY DEADLY mistake.

I moved from my perfectly advantageous spot behind the bad guy to his right (shooter side) toward the gun. Lunged in to swat the gun away, and……. No brainer here. He quickly reached for the gun. I fired, he fired, we were both dead. Plus, at 3 feet away, airsoft BB’s cut skin (see the above picture). That would have been a bullet hole.

I learned a lot from that scenario. With the man pointing a gun at other people, It would have been legally justifiable for me to fire right into the kill zone painted on his back. I had the advantage of surprise. There was no need to speak a word.

Instead, I tried to be the big hero. Attempting to disarm the suspect got me killed. That opponent (who already had his weapon out) changed the outcome in a split second by simply picking up his gun and blasting away. Never again. There is a reason why we carry concealed. Don’t break cover until you are legally justified, and ready to pull the trigger to kill.

Here We Go Again: The Proposed Ammunition Ban Executive Order


Word of a new executive order from the president was mentioned on Thursday. The newest piece of paper from the Oval Office would ban the sale and manufacture of armor piercing rounds used in the immensely popular AR-15 platform. Not unexpectedly, citizens, lawmakers, and groups such as the NRA are adamantly opposing the move.

One of the effects of the news is ammo disappearing off store shelves and internet pages………..again. People are going crazy with the stockpiling. I’m not talking about just armor piercing rounds, this includes all .223 and 5.56. Soon it may be every caliber. I may be somewhat OK with my other guns, but I have been slowly building my AR ammunition supply. And now this.

It’s possible, I may not see another box of .223 for 12 to 15 months. Look at .22LR. That caliber has still not made a comeback.

My supplier even told me that many AR-15’s are now gone from the market

I guess it’s understandable, considering what has happened in the last 6 years, but come on. I’m just trying to get up to 100 extra rounds right now. Work with me people! Can I have part of your 300,000 round stash? I’ll pay extra.

I guess this just confirms that Barrack Obama is the best firearms and ammunition salesman in history.

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The First Domino


The First Domino

It seems to me that our nation is like a set of dominoes laid out in a line. One big push on the first one, and they all could start falling in succession. Each domino represents the standards or laws that guarantee the identity and function of our nation provided by the constitution. I would like to propose that although it may be the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms is the first domino.

Granted, this observation of mine leaves the Almighty God out of the equation (which is not a wise thing to do because He can do anything He wants), but for the purpose of this conversation, I’ll keep this on the natural level. Let’s just say that unless God intervenes, our right to bear arms could be destroyed or eroded further. That would then open the door for all our other rights to topple as well… dominoes.

Checks and Balances

It is our ability to keep the federal government in check through the Second Amendment (which is a last resort) that protects all our other rights. All the other amendments and their existence hinge upon the Second. Who will defend the right to free speech or assembly or religion if the right to bear arms is taken from us? Who could? Words can be powerful, but in the face of dictatorship, they mean nothing.

Speed is Key

Yes, all our other rights are being attacked in some way, shape, or form. Some are being eroded, but it is a slow process and the damage can be repaired. If the Second Amendment goes however, the process will be faster than we can fathom. We’ll wake up one day and realize our country is not just slightly unfamiliar, it will be unrecognizable.

What to Do

It is our job to recognize the danger, and protect this God-given right. Don’t be paralyzed. When we see people come against our right to bear arms, we need to rise up and let our voices be heard. Contact your federal and state legislators. Donate money to groups you believe in. Stand up……..or the first domino may fall.


Weekend Reading Roundup


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You Take a Chance


Every time I go into a “gun-free zone” whether it’s posted, non-posted, or just part of the law, I have a decision to make. It seems to me that either choice is bad.

Today I went into a building that had no posting, but that I guessed had a policy against. This particular building is in a really bad part of town. The facility itself appeared somewhat secure, but the surrounding neighborhood was questionable.

What to Do, What to Do

If I choose to honor the rules and not carry, then I take the chance that I won’t be able to protect myself if something bad goes down.

On the other hand, what if I choose to break the rules, and then something bad happens where I need to protect myself or others? If I pull the trigger, I am legally liable and vulnerable. In that position, I’m the one that could actually be prosecuted. And that is after I’ve stopped the bad guy.

Is it worth it? I would be trading the safety of my loved ones and others for possible legal prosecution.

Gun-Free Zones

Here is where my argument against gun-free zones kicks in. The fact is, I shouldn’t have to choose.

Not only do these posted areas attract those who would do harm, (because no one can stop them) but also I am now made the criminal. For making the decision to protect, I am now made to be the one in the wrong. Something is upside down here.

Our founding fathers established that it was our God-given right to protect ourselves. It is a basic human right. But gun-free zones turn this right on its head.

In fact the entire anti-gun and gun-control argument is on its cabeza. Parts of society have begun to view the aspect of protection as evil rather than good.

But through this reversal, the truth is that if you choose to carry where you are not supposed to, you take a chance. If you practice your God-given right to protect yourself, your loved ones, and those around you, you place yourself in jeopardy.

“You roll the dice, you take your chances.” Choose wisely.


What choice do you make when walking into a gun-free zone?

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