Why Does it Seem Like People are “Gunning Up”?

guns signI bought my first gun only 11 months ago. I then purchased my second gun  4 months later.

I personally know a lot of people who didn’t previously own a firearm and have recently bought their first gun. I also personally know people who already owned guns and have bought more. Some have bought A LOT more.

There are a plethora of stories online that echo the same thing. Firearm sales in the country have been up quite a bit for the last several years or so They have simply soared over the last 6 months.

I’ve also met quite a few people who have just recently gone to get their permit to carry concealed just like me.

All of this points to the fact that there are more people thinking about guns today than there was 4 – 5 years ago. The question is……why?


One factor is that some people have simply become more aware of their right to bear arms which is provided through the Second Amendment. The right to be armed is precious and many are just discovering this.

Another reason is the political climate. Unfortunately there seems to be a mistrust that has coincided with the presidential election cycle.

Another factor has to do with the latest gun ban effort. As talk on the legislative landscape moved toward a ban, people went crazy. It seemed like there was a frantic feeling in the air as people rushed to beat any new law.

There are also a lot of people who just feel like the global economic climate is headed in a bad direction. If the economy would take a slide downward, chaos and violence may be a result. People naturally want to protect themselves in this environment.

Lastly, I must mention this. I’ve heard many people say that they feel something “in their gut”. I happen to agree with them. Something else in the world is changing.

If asked to explain it, I can’t really give detail to my feeling. I just know that I sense something. For those who are more spiritual in nature, you may know what I’m talking about.


Some see these things and choose to do nothing. There are others (like myself) who feel like they need to be prepared.

I’m not really planning on fighting the government or anything like that. I just want to make sure that my family is safe.

I have a feeling that there are a lot of other people “gunning up” for the same reasons.


Do you agree that people are “gunning up”? Why?

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The Comaraderie of Gun Talk


Have you ever found yourself talking with someone about guns? Maybe you both enjoy the subject, or it came up in casual conversation.

As for me, as soon as you put a certain group of my friends and I together, our conversation will eventually end up on the topic of firearms. We all like guns. We all like to talk about them.

We’ll talk about pistols, rifles, calibers, ammo, holsters and targets. The subtopic really doesn’t matter, as long as the topic is guns.

Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes I will unexpectedly stumble onto the issue with a stranger. Sometimes it will happen with an acquaintance that I didn’t know was interested in the subject until it comes up. Either way, talking about guns builds a sort of bond. It builds camaraderie.

If you were to throw a group of complete strangers who have different backgrounds but all liked guns into a room together, I bet it wouldn’t even take 10 minutes until the topic of firearms comes up.

Invisible Bond

There is this invisible, yet strong connection formed between people interested in guns. It’s cuts through all demographics and boundaries. Rich, poor, old, or young it doesn’t matter

Although the majority of my friends with whom I talk about firearms are men, there are a few who are women. That doesn’t seem to change anything. If people are gun buffs, they’re gun buffs.

Differing Opinions

Some who are reading this are thinking, “Oh brother.” But that’s alright. I’m secure in my gunhood.

I also know that this is a somewhat exclusive behavior. Some people (see paragraph above) are not interested in the subject. You may find the topic of guns boring, or maybe even offensive. That’s ok too. I try to respect your opinion. I will only bring it up with people whom I know it’s safe.


The point is, I’m passionate about the whole topic of guns. I love it. This is part of how God made me. When I find other people with the same love, I just sort of wake up and come alive a little more. I guess you either love it or……you don’t.


Do you find camaraderie with others when it comes to talking about guns?



First Day Packin’

shopping cart

Yesterday I went and picked up my concealed carry permit. I decided to exercise that right quickly, so within hours I was back out in public carrying my weapon concealed.


Before I went out, I decided I would carry with one in the chamber. If something actually happened (God forbid) I thought having to rack one into the chamber might actually be a danger.


Before I chambered the pistol and put it into the holster I asked God to guide everything I did. It is He who trains my hands for war, it will be He who is with me if there is ever a need to pull my weapon (again I say God forbid).

Off I Went

Then I was out the door. I had never driven, or walked in public (off of my property) with it strapped to my side. A round in the pipe no less.

I went to Lowe’s and then the  grocery store . My wife and daughter came with me. Nothing happened. No big whoop.

Self Conscious

At first it was a little weird. I felt like I was doing something wrong. You’re not supposed to be doing this…… No, I have a legal permit. I’m good.

There was some irony involved. I was the only one in those establishments that felt awkward, because no one else even knew. And that’s the way it should be. No one is supposed to know.

Not a Big Deal

I guess that’s the point of the day. It was no big deal. A lot of people, for different reasons, put undue emphasis on the act of carrying concealed (or carrying at all). But I began to ask myself what all the hubbub was about. The whole thing was a non-issue.

I’m Taking God with Me

In addition, I think I started something significant. I plan on Inviting God to come with me every time I go out into the world with my pistol on. I don’t want to do something this (potentially) important without Him.


Does anyone out there have a story about your first day?

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All that is Required for Evil to Prevail is for Good Men to Do Nothing

WWII Soldiers

World War II

I remember from my history class that as Adolph Hitler was first consolidating power by force in Europe, America was divided about going to war. Isolationism, which was a popular political philosophy in the United States at the time basically said that we were not going to get involved with other countries’ problems.

As a nation we had trouble seeing that our neighbors’ problems were our problems as well. Some of us were blind to the fact that we would be next. This hesitation allowed Hitler (who was obviously evil) to have free reign to kill, steal and destroy.

The opposite was also shown. The American entry into the war after Pearl Harbor turned the tide and started causing Hitler to go backward. (It can be argued that a lunatic Hitler did this to himself as well, but I believe Hitler began to crack when good men began to resist him.)


There is a well known quote from Edmund Burke. “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” I would submit that WWII and the subsequent involvement of the U.S. displays this truth well. This concept is true on so many levels: from the personal, all the way up to a global level like during World War II.

Down To Our Level

This is so true on a smaller individual level. When evil shows its head in the form of violence (for instance) it will prevail if men who aspire to be good do nothing. We can isolate ourselves and say that another person’s problem isn’t our problem.

However, Christ tells us that all the other human beings around us are our neighbors. Their problem eventually effects us and becomes our problem. If good men risk themselves and resist the violent evil, that evil is held at bay.

Gun Owners

I believe this concept is crucial when it comes to personal gun ownership and responsibility. We as individuals cannot change the world, but we may be able to save another individual’s world. There are many documented cases where the presence of force to defend the innocent turned that situation away from death and destruction.

It may be a stretch, but we may be the only one in a given situation who can defend an innocent from violent evil. Evil comes in many forms: armed robbery, rape, murder and more.

If I ever have to make this choice, I hope that I stand and stop the little Adolph Hitlers of the world.


Can you see yourself as one who could possibly stand against evil and resist it, even on a small level?

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The Colorado Movie Theater Shooting


The Article

Even if there were people with concealed weapons present, they would not have been able to react effectively and stop the murderer. This was the basic premise in an article I read after the July movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

What Happened

Twelve people were killed and fifty-eight others were injured when a shooter fired on the viewers of a late night opening for the Batman film, The Dark Night Rises. The theater was a posted gun-free zone.

The killer wore a gas mask and body armor. Tear Gas was popped as soon as he entered the front of the theater. The author mentioned that the tear gas would have disoriented everyone.

He also said that because of the tendency to lock up in these types of situations, normal people with conceal carry permits would not have been up to the task. According to his piece, the average citizen is not trained in combat scenarios and that said citizen doesn’t have as much practice on the range to be a good marksman.

Tough Shot

The body armor on the killer would have protected the vital areas in the chest cavity which is easiest to hit. Only a well-placed shot from a pistol into a non-armored area would have created a stop. I agree, that would indeed be a tough shot.

Don’t Even Try

There were other items on his list, but basically the author was saying that it’s a dead issue. That’s the end of the conversation as far as he’s concerned. We should leave it alone because it couldn’t have been stopped. Don’t even try.


I’m an average citizen. There are some who may indeed have locked up. I may be one of them, but If I was there with a gun I would have tried. Rather than being told that it just can’t be done, I’d like to be given the chance. I guess I don’t like being told to give up. Who knows God willing, I might have stopped him.


Do you like being told to give up and how do you think you would have reacted?

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