Veterans Day Thanks


I am remembering those of you who have served in the American armed forces. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be participating in all these things that I cherish and enjoy. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to walk around without fear. I have a feeling that our country would not look the same if it weren’t for you.

There are people in this world who hate the fact that we are free here in America, those who want to steal kill and destroy what God has blessed us with. It is you who serve/served in the U.S. military that have stood in the way of that destruction. It is you that keep them at bay. If it weren’t for you, those who hate us would be at my house or church instead of just in the news.

I’m guessing there are many of you around me and I’m not fully aware of that fact. I personally know several of you. Sometimes I don’t know you but I see you when I’m out (maybe it’s your uniform, a hat or a license plate that causes me to realize your service).

To you who have or do serve in the armed forces of our nation, Thank you. I appreciate your service. If you didn’t sacrifice, it would have to be me who left my home and family. If you didn’t place your body in harms way, I would have to. Thank you and God bless.

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The First Domino


The First Domino

It seems to me that our nation is like a set of dominoes laid out in a line. One big push on the first one, and they all could start falling in succession. Each domino represents the standards or laws that guarantee the identity and function of our nation provided by the constitution. I would like to propose that although it may be the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms is the first domino.

Granted, this observation of mine leaves the Almighty God out of the equation (which is not a wise thing to do because He can do anything He wants), but for the purpose of this conversation, I’ll keep this on the natural level. Let’s just say that unless God intervenes, our right to bear arms could be destroyed or eroded further. That would then open the door for all our other rights to topple as well… dominoes.

Checks and Balances

It is our ability to keep the federal government in check through the Second Amendment (which is a last resort) that protects all our other rights. All the other amendments and their existence hinge upon the Second. Who will defend the right to free speech or assembly or religion if the right to bear arms is taken from us? Who could? Words can be powerful, but in the face of dictatorship, they mean nothing.

Speed is Key

Yes, all our other rights are being attacked in some way, shape, or form. Some are being eroded, but it is a slow process and the damage can be repaired. If the Second Amendment goes however, the process will be faster than we can fathom. We’ll wake up one day and realize our country is not just slightly unfamiliar, it will be unrecognizable.

What to Do

It is our job to recognize the danger, and protect this God-given right. Don’t be paralyzed. When we see people come against our right to bear arms, we need to rise up and let our voices be heard. Contact your federal and state legislators. Donate money to groups you believe in. Stand up……..or the first domino may fall.


You Take a Chance


Every time I go into a “gun-free zone” whether it’s posted, non-posted, or just part of the law, I have a decision to make. It seems to me that either choice is bad.

Today I went into a building that had no posting, but that I guessed had a policy against. This particular building is in a really bad part of town. The facility itself appeared somewhat secure, but the surrounding neighborhood was questionable.

What to Do, What to Do

If I choose to honor the rules and not carry, then I take the chance that I won’t be able to protect myself if something bad goes down.

On the other hand, what if I choose to break the rules, and then something bad happens where I need to protect myself or others? If I pull the trigger, I am legally liable and vulnerable. In that position, I’m the one that could actually be prosecuted. And that is after I’ve stopped the bad guy.

Is it worth it? I would be trading the safety of my loved ones and others for possible legal prosecution.

Gun-Free Zones

Here is where my argument against gun-free zones kicks in. The fact is, I shouldn’t have to choose.

Not only do these posted areas attract those who would do harm, (because no one can stop them) but also I am now made the criminal. For making the decision to protect, I am now made to be the one in the wrong. Something is upside down here.

Our founding fathers established that it was our God-given right to protect ourselves. It is a basic human right. But gun-free zones turn this right on its head.

In fact the entire anti-gun and gun-control argument is on its cabeza. Parts of society have begun to view the aspect of protection as evil rather than good.

But through this reversal, the truth is that if you choose to carry where you are not supposed to, you take a chance. If you practice your God-given right to protect yourself, your loved ones, and those around you, you place yourself in jeopardy.

“You roll the dice, you take your chances.” Choose wisely.


What choice do you make when walking into a gun-free zone?

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The Restrainer


II Thessalonians 2:7-8 “For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.”

This Crazy World

Have you ever taken a look around and noticed things are changing? It appears that the world is falling apart at the seams. Death, destruction, slavery, depravity all have reared up as never before.

The truth is, it’s getting worse. Scripture confirms it. Something evil is at work to destroy all, but it’s being held back by something else. This is supposed to happen.

The Lawless One

The evil being held back is stated as “lawlessness” and the “lawless one”. Come on, you’ve heard this before.

In the end the Anti-Christ will come on the scene and fulfill what has been forecast by God since Adam and Eve, maybe before that. I’m talking the book of Revelation.

But Thessalonians says the antichrist is being held back. By what?

What is it that now holds back the evil that wants to erupt upon us all. What stops the final release of anarchy?

The Restrainer

I have no doubt that the ultimate answer is in the supernatural. For those of us who are believers, we know that it is the Holy Spirit, who is every bit a part of God Himself.

God “holds back” the evil that opposes Him and His people until it is the proper time. I’ve heard Him referred to here as “the Restrainer”.

But I have one interjection. I believe God uses us to hold back evil as well. This can be accomplished in many ways: prayer, speaking truth, and with physical force.

Lesson in History

It is this last point, physical force, I wish to expand upon. Look at Hitler during World War II. An evil that none in western Europe could stop was bent upon conquest, slavery, and murder. The concentration camps are proof enough.

Satan used Hitler, the Nazi party, and the German military to strike out at those whom God loves in an attempt to annihilate them. Many Jews were murdered in secret before it ended.

But who stopped Hitler? The United States. God used us to stop evil. And we were given guns to do it. In this broken, totally imperfect world God stirred us to stop evil.


Now fast forward to today. Brave men with guns still hold the evil in this world at bay. Even though you’ll have to sift through the propaganda, watch the news for examples.

The human team that God uses to hold back the antichrist is a combination of believers (prayer and truth) and those who are ready to use force for good? I believe the Holy Spirit is orchestrating all of it.

Our Back Yard

Now lets look at a smaller stage. Every robbery, murder and rape that is thwarted by a person willing to stop it with force does the same thing. In short, the evil accompanying the antichrist is held back by individuals like you and me when we choose to stand up and resist.

Abrupt Change

Scripture also says that in an instant, those who place their trust in Jesus Christ will be “snatched” into the sky to be with our Lord. Imagine what the world will be like when all those who have stood for God’s goodness immediately vanish. There will be no one left to hold back evil………”Lawlessness”.


What part can you play in holding back evil?

Naked Family Bus Trip

PA Sign

No, It’s not what you think.


Yesterday my family took a church sponsored trip to see a production of Noah at the Sight and Sound Theater near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Five hours (one way). The ride on the bus was as good as can be expected for such a long trip. There were no major problems. The show was great and I’d recommend it to anybody who can go.


But there was one problem, Pennsylvania. In case you’re not aware, Ohio’s concealed carry permit does not reciprocate with PA and vice versa. I thought about doing it anyway, but the chance of getting caught and charged with a gun felony was too much for me.


So I decided to follow the laws of Pennsylvania and not carry my pistol concealed. I felt……….naked. I’ve had my permit for a grand total of 35 days and I’m already noticing when it’s not there. It just feels different without that weight there on my hip. I kind of felt exposed.

Non- Issue

But I took one for the team and enjoyed the day without carrying. You know what? I’m still alive. No one was killed or maimed on my watch. It all worked out just fine.

I’m reminded here that God is really the one in charge of the protection detail here. He just lets me participate everyone in a while.


Do you have any good stories about not being able to carry?