Silent Protector

silent defender

It occurs to me that being a concealed carry permit holder is a quiet, lonely, unglorified role. Or at least it should be.

Concealed Carry : A Thankless Job

The whole idea behind concealed carry is that it’s……..concealed. No one else (or not many) should even be aware that you are carrying. They don’t need to know.

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to be part of the first line of people who are equipped to respond in an emergency. Maybe you feel like you need to protect yourself and others. Perhaps you just need to feel like you’re taking back control. Either way, it’s a huge responsibility. But it’s also quiet and thankless.

Not many around you know the responsibility you’ve decided to take on. You are preparing for the absolute worst, for that one in a million chance that you are right. The other 999,999 times you are going to be wrong. Chances are, no one is going to notice you, thank you, or praise you.

There may be other fellow carriers around you that aren’t aware of (and they are not aware of you). Perhaps you’d be surprised by the little lady on the other side of the room with the revolver in her purse.

The Haters

On the other hand, there are many around you that might curse you if they actually knew you had a gun. Their curse may be based on their fear or even hatred.

This fear some have for the responsible group of people that chooses to silently protect is based less on understanding and more on ignorance. Ignorance fostered by a media and political machine that says guns are to be feared. This message of fear and ignorance exists because of an agenda, not because of a real belief.

The average person ruled by this fear would rather hope they are safe than make sure they are. They want others (including their government) to protect them instead of doing it themselves.

For this reason it may be unfortunately wise to keep your firearm concealed. Better to keep your legal, responsible decision quiet than to deal with the loud, angry, overprotective, and naïve.

One in a Million

But if that one in a million chance actually happens, you’re going to be the one in the room who is ready. You are the one who is prepared to die first in order to have a chance to save others. Perhaps the curse of that individual in the anti-gun crowd might actually become a blessing.

But more than likely, no one around you will ever know. And that’s the way it should be.

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You Take a Chance


Every time I go into a “gun-free zone” whether it’s posted, non-posted, or just part of the law, I have a decision to make. It seems to me that either choice is bad.

Today I went into a building that had no posting, but that I guessed had a policy against. This particular building is in a really bad part of town. The facility itself appeared somewhat secure, but the surrounding neighborhood was questionable.

What to Do, What to Do

If I choose to honor the rules and not carry, then I take the chance that I won’t be able to protect myself if something bad goes down.

On the other hand, what if I choose to break the rules, and then something bad happens where I need to protect myself or others? If I pull the trigger, I am legally liable and vulnerable. In that position, I’m the one that could actually be prosecuted. And that is after I’ve stopped the bad guy.

Is it worth it? I would be trading the safety of my loved ones and others for possible legal prosecution.

Gun-Free Zones

Here is where my argument against gun-free zones kicks in. The fact is, I shouldn’t have to choose.

Not only do these posted areas attract those who would do harm, (because no one can stop them) but also I am now made the criminal. For making the decision to protect, I am now made to be the one in the wrong. Something is upside down here.

Our founding fathers established that it was our God-given right to protect ourselves. It is a basic human right. But gun-free zones turn this right on its head.

In fact the entire anti-gun and gun-control argument is on its cabeza. Parts of society have begun to view the aspect of protection as evil rather than good.

But through this reversal, the truth is that if you choose to carry where you are not supposed to, you take a chance. If you practice your God-given right to protect yourself, your loved ones, and those around you, you place yourself in jeopardy.

“You roll the dice, you take your chances.” Choose wisely.


What choice do you make when walking into a gun-free zone?

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Navy Yard Shooting

navy yard

This morning I heard on the radio that there was a shooting at a navy facility in our nation’s capitol. Apparently a disgruntled ex-navy avionics electrician opened fire on employees coming into work.

Gun Control

Unfortunately, we all know what’s coming next. There are those who will try to use this tragic event to push more gun-control legislation. It’s already being hinted at.


But with all compassion and respect for the families involved, I want to point out that there is another important issue here. Military personnel are not permitted to carry “on base”.

This is similar to the shooting at Ft. Hood. Members of our armed forces, who are better trained in how to handle weapons than the majority of the population, are not allowed to be armed on any of our military bases. They are paid to carry in “hot zones” overseas, but they are not allowed to be armed when they on their respective bases.

No Carry Zones

Very similar to civilian “no carry” zones, military bases can be magnets for those looking to kill. The shooter knows in advance that they will not be opposed by anyone carrying a weapon for several minutes. I think this is especially true at our bases in the states. When unarmed victims have to wait minutes for the police or security to come on the scene, It’s too late.

Wake Up

The world is changing. I don’t buy that Nidal Malik Hasan was acting by himself. Our Country is under attack. In this day and age, our military personnel on bases in the states need to be treated like those out in the field where attack is expected.

If the administration is going to go after guns and the right to bear arms after this heinous crime has been committed, the whole story needs to be discussed. Let’s look at arming our service members first.


Weekend Reading Roundup


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Revolver or Pistol, What is a Good Handgun for Women?


In talking with quite a few women about the topic of pistols, one common statement seems to come up from the group as a whole. “I’m just not strong enough to manipulate the slide.”

How the Good Lord Made Us

Now I’m not trying to be sexist or berate women. I know that there are some strong women out there who could hurt me. But most of the women I know (on average) are just a little less strong than the men I know. It’s how God created us.

I’m also not speaking out of complete ignorance here. This statement about not being able to manipulate the slide comes from my wife, my mother-in-law, and several friends. I’ve had the author of a guest post make the comment and I’ve read the same thing online. To be fair, I also know of some men who can’t do it either.

Smaller Calibers

I will qualify my remarks. This does not apply to smaller caliber semi-automatic pistols.

It’s an effort, buy my wife can rack back my .380. In fact that is her weapon if someone breaks in.

The difference is the lighter recoil spring. If she can charge the .380, she could also charge (for instance) a .22. On the other hand, my wife has tried racking the slide on my .40 caliber Glock and she can’t do it.

What Does Work?

So what does that leave women for self-defense/concealed carry? Obviously, the smaller caliber semi-autos would work in a pinch.


But I think that the revolver would be a better choice for most women. There’s no slide and spring to deal with. Just load up the chambers and pivot the cylinder in place. Good to go.

The Element of the Purse

Then there is the whole purse thing. This, in my opinion is where women have the advantage over women….storage space. A purse may not be able to hold an AR, but I can think of nothing more frightening than a lady pulling a loaded, foot long .44 magnum from her purse. I’d run if I was an attacker and saw that.

Choices, Choices, Choices

There are some good choices for the ladies in the revolver department. .22’s (long, and magnum), .38 specials, .357 magnums (which also shoot the .38’s).

And the newest member of the revolver family, is a hybrid that shoots both a  regular cartridge or a shotgun shell.  Examples of this are the Taurus Judge and the  Smith & Wesson Governor. They can fire the .45 Long Colt or .45 ACP cartridges or the .410 defense shot. All 3 choices of ammunition are extremely lethal.


Revolvers may not be the quickest to reload, but the rule for most self-defense situations are in 3’s: 3 feet, 3 seconds, 3 shots. So more than likely, most people won’t need to reload anyway.

So there’s my recommendation to you women out there looking to get started. Try a revolver. It may be a good fit.


Let’s hear it from the ladies. What do you choose when it comes to your handgun, pistol or revolver? And what caliber?

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