This Would Have Been a Bullet Hole: Why Talk Doesn’t Work

airsoft injury

Ok, so this one goes back to my first CCW class. We were working through airsoft scenario training, which I highly recommend. Each scenario was different. The good guy was told to go into another room while the rest of the class set up the situation in the “live fire” area.

One of the most important rules for the scenarios is that the bad guy couldn’t shoot the good guy until they see (said good guy) pull their gun. Hope that makes sense.

I was the concealed carry person, and didn’t know who the bad guy or guys were. I didn’t know what I was walking into until the instructor gave a brief description and then told us to “go”.

This particular situation was outside around 2 picnic tables. I was told to sit down at one table, and 3 others were sitting at the other table. There were also about 5 people milling around, talking in front of me about 20 feet away. The instructor told me that I was at a college campus, studying, and…. “Scenario on.” Ok, here we go.

While I was “studying” at the picnic table, quite alertly I might add, two of the people that were standing got into a fight. People were yelling, but no immediate threat of serious injury or death, so I played it cool, and just continued to sit there.

Then one of the guys at the other picnic table pulled a gun, and started yelling, and pointed his gun at the two who were fighting. BINGO.

Instead of immediately pulling my concealed weapon (and triggering a shootout), I stood up and quickly positioned myself 6 feet directly behind the shooter then pulled my gun and aimed it at his back. I had him, at point blank range.

But here is where I made a DEADLY mistake. I must have seen too many cop shows, or something. I yelled, “Put the gun down!” It may seem like I did the civilized thing, but what happened after that shows that it was just stupid.

What I didn’t know was the instructor told the bad guy not to let me take his gun. When I told him to “put the gun down”, he simply froze, gun in his raised hands. After I repeated the command four or five times, he sat down at the table and laid the gun down right beside him. inches from his raised hand. Now what do I do? Everyone in the class was watching, and my coolness factor was evaporating by the second.

I told him to move away from the gun (several times), and he did not budge. Shooting a man in the back with no weapon in his hand didn’t seem completely justified, so I decided I would have to move to take the gun. DOUBLY DEADLY mistake.

I moved from my perfectly advantageous spot behind the bad guy to his right (shooter side) toward the gun. Lunged in to swat the gun away, and……. No brainer here. He quickly reached for the gun. I fired, he fired, we were both dead. Plus, at 3 feet away, airsoft BB’s cut skin (see the above picture). That would have been a bullet hole.

I learned a lot from that scenario. With the man pointing a gun at other people, It would have been legally justifiable for me to fire right into the kill zone painted on his back. I had the advantage of surprise. There was no need to speak a word.

Instead, I tried to be the big hero. Attempting to disarm the suspect got me killed. That opponent (who already had his weapon out) changed the outcome in a split second by simply picking up his gun and blasting away. Never again. There is a reason why we carry concealed. Don’t break cover until you are legally justified, and ready to pull the trigger to kill.

Single Stack 9mm Glock, Model 43, Finally

glock 43

Last year, the Glock 42 was unveiled with much fanfare. I made the case why the pistol in .380 auto was ok for concealed carry purposes. But that a single stack 9mm similar in size to the 42 would be even better. I whined and complained about how Glock needs to listen to the people and get ‘er done. I mean, every glock lovin’ CCW holder I know says the same thing,”If Glock ever came out with a single stack 9mm, I’d buy it.” Well, they finally listened. Enter the Glock 43.

The 43 has almost the same dimensions as it’s smaller (but older) brother. It’s only an inch wide, which is one of my biggest requirements for carrying concealed. The 43 has the same simple, yet dependable features as all the other Glocks. Same trigger, sights, disassembly, magazine release, etc……

Also, because of the fine tuning of the spring, the pistol has been rumored to have a little bit softer perceived recoil than the average 9mm its size.

Glock says that the 43 is its biggest release to date. Considering the history of this gun-making giant, that’s a huge statement. Maybe they’re right.

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Glock 42


Glock 42

I’ve got to be honest, the new concealed carry minded Glock 42 has me torn. Do I like it, do I not like it?

It’s the smallest Glock ever made. It’s chambered in the less powerful .380, but it’s frame is not THAT small. The new Glock seems to be stuck between two worlds.

The dimensions are pretty darn close to the competition’s pocket 9 millimeters. Width .94″, length 5.94″, and height 4.34″. The size of this .380 (9mm short) all match or exceed the frames of the other guys’ 9mm luger. This begs the question, why not make it in 9mm?

Reports are that Glock can’t just use the same frame and cross-engineer to the 9mm because the handle/magazine well aren’t deep enough. The company would have to reengineer if they ever decide to go the tiny 9mm route (and there are a lot of guys out there that wish they would).

Most companies’ .380 pistols are tiny. They are extremely easy to hide…..but not so easy to shoot.

And I think this is actually where the 42’s strength comes in. For someone who can’t handle the kick of a small 9mm, or the even smaller .380, this gives them a little move weight and size to shoot a smaller cartridge with.

Would I pick this as my carry gun of choice? No I would rather have a 9mm in this particular size or a  smaller .380. But then there is my wife…..

Now that’s where I can see it being a good gun. The Glock 42 is a little bigger, but shoots a smaller caliber (less kick). My wife would rather shoot my full-sized Glock 22 (in all it’s glory) and be able to hold on to it, than shoot my tiny .380 that she feels like she can’t get a handle on. In that sense, The 42 is the best of both worlds.

Then there’s the fact that it’s a Glock. For some people that’s enough to get on the long waiting list at their local gun shop. I personally know someone who put themselves on the list through the LEO purchase program. I’m pretty sure at least one of the reasons he bought it is not because it’s the perfect carry gun, or because of it’s knockdown power, but simply because it’s a Glock.

Since I also love Glocks, I wouldn’t mind having one around the house for the wife. If I had the extra dough, I just might make the purchase.

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The Serpa Holster


This goes out to Luke at Triangle Tactical . Thanks for the motivation.

I’ve recently purchased the BLACKHAWK! Serpa holster for the Glock 22. Love it.

If you’re not familiar with this active retention holster, here’s how it works. When the pistol is inserted into the holster, it “clicks” into place. That click is the holster mechanism locking onto the front of the trigger guard. After the pistol is held in retention, it will not come out. Running, jumping, tree climbing, trapeze, nope. You can physically pull on the gun and it ain’t coming out unless you activate the release.

To draw the pistol, there is a “button” on the outside of the holster in the area where you would properly lay your index to keep it out of the trigger guard. If the trigger finger applies light pressure to that button, the holster easily comes out.

This does require some practice. I’ve probably drawn from the Serpa 100 times with an unloaded weapon. Once the muscle memory is there, you (obviously) don’t even think about it.

This particular holster comes with the belt loop (shown above) and paddle. Both are attached by a screw system on the back of the holster proper. For the way I use it, I prefer the loop.

If you wear a jacket or long shirt, you could probably get away with concealed carry, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, I go with the open carry. In that capacity, this holster works well for me around the house and at the range.

If you are looking for a new holster for your sidearm, you may want to check out the BLACKHAWK! Serpa on Amazon.

Wheeling Federal Building Shooting

wheeling ak-47


Wednesday our local news made national headlines. Reports are that a man opened fire into the federal building in Wheeling, West Virginia with an “AK-47 style rifle”. Apparently the shooter was a former Wheeling police officer and also used to work at the (same) federal building as a guard.

Even though at least 20 shots were reported to be fired, the attack only resulted in minor injuries from flying glass. The shooter opened fire from across the street, reloading at least once.

His neighbors have reported that he was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. That makes me think that this guy wanted to commit suicide by cop.

Before he started shooting, he warned all bystanders to get out of the way, so killing others wasn’t the motive. He wanted to die, but didn’t want to take anyone with him. It doesn’t appear that he had any plan of escape.

The end result was that the suspect was then shot by police. I have reason to believe SWAT took him out. He died at the hospital. Streets, businesses, and the federal building were all closed and locked down for hours.

Close to Home

Besides this being a very sad situation, It was basically in our back yard. It hits home. There have regularly been shootings in the national news for several years now, but this one was close. To see national news agencies report on this is just weird.

It only strengthens my resolve to protect myself and my family through conceal carry. What if my family and I were downtown yesterday? We were actually planning to be near the downtown the very next day.

Apparently this shooter didn’t intend on hurting anyone, but it could have easily been different. Considering that I’m usually carrying a .380, I don’t know that I would have been able to do much against a guy with an AK and a death wish. But I sure feel better armed than not. Now I more fully realize it can happen here.

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