Carrying at Home

carrying at home

It’s not been uncommon lately for my wife to give me a hug and realize that I’m packin’. I will sometimes clip the .380 ( in its holster) to my belt during the day and it will stay there until I go to bed that night.


If I’m headed out to the store or something, I’ll almost always put it on. If I’m outside on the property, it usually goes on. If I head out for a walk, it’s on.


Night time is a different routine altogether. After we put my daughter down for the night, (If I haven’t done it already) I’ll automatically arm myself, regardless of what’s going on.

It’s just something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing. I figure that there is a higher chance of danger at night than during the day.


Some of you might be asking if it is really necessary to carry in the house at all. But there’s a reason why I choose to carry at home.

I would rather have it on my person than in the safe if there is a break in. I don’t have time to run back and get it out of the safe (even if it is biometric) when someone is taking a sledgehammer to the door or breaking a window.

If I’m outside and danger shows itself, I don’t have to run into the house to arm myself.

Round in the Chamber?

When I head out (off my property), I’ll almost always chamber a round and take it with me. But when I return home, I always remove that round and keep the pistol on my hip.

It’s one thing to be carrying hot at Walmart, it’s another to have one in the chamber while sitting next to my wife on the couch, or playing with my daughter on the floor. The gun is probably just fine, but I’m not comfortable with it hot at home around my family.

If danger became reality at my home while I was awake, I believe that I would have adequate time to rack a round in. That may not be the case somewhere out in public.

Nice to be Small

One advantage to my pocket pistol is its size. The gun is so small and so light that after a while I forget it’s there. So I carry it at home quite a bit.


Do you carry at home?

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  1. Hubby and I have these discussions all the time since getting our carry permits. With the layout of our house, if we were in the kitchen and someone came through our front door, we’d have to pass by the front door to get to the weapon in our room. Logistically, having it on our person, makes more sense. I wouldn’t want to have it, and not have quick access to it if I needed it.

    • Exactly my point. Thanks. I like my little .380 because I can have it on all the time, yet not feel burdened by it. Plus my daughter doesn’t even know I have it on, which is good.

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