Can Guns Be an Addiction?

Gun Shop

Fact: If money wasn’t an issue, I could spend tens of thousands of dollars on guns. Does that sound familiar to you at all? I’ve heard a few people say that. Some people actually do it.

When I go to Cabelas or the local gun shop, I look at the inventory and salivate. I could literally buy everything there. I want a gun in each caliber, size and brand. In fact let’s make that for pistols, rifles and shotguns. You know what, why don’t we just go with everything… Then I’ll need ammo.


To be honest, I have some obsessive compulsive tendencies. I obviously tend to take things to the extreme and past the point of healthy. In fact, I happen to be a recovering addict and regularly attend a local 12 step program.

I’ve once heard that the human appetite is unquenchable. I could buy and buy and buy some more, but it would never be enough. It seems like as soon as you get what you think you want, you realize you just want more. Jello is good, all the jello in my county is a bit much.  Plus I’m now reading artificial food coloring is not good for me.

I’ve noticed this tendency in me with other things as well (big and small). That makes it easy for me to see my weakness regarding the wonderful world of firearms. But at least I’ve partially learned something.


Instead of wishing for more, I need to try to be thankful for what I have. I sometimes want what I want right now! As a believer in Christ, God wants me to wait at least a little bit to see what He’s going to give me. Maybe what He has is much better than what I can come up with.


Do you tend to obsess about guns like I do? Tell me about it.

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