Book Review: Control by Glenn Beck

control glenn beck

I just finished the book Control by Glenn Beck and wanted to share my opinion with you.

I first heard about the book when I was listening to the radio. It seems to be fairly new.

Gun Control

The reason my curiosity was piqued is because Glenn and I share the same opinion on the subject matter. The effort for gun control isn’t about making us safer, it’s about controlling us.

Gun control is in direct opposition to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and reveals the brilliance of our founding fathers. They knew that there would be people that would try to remove our ability to defend ourselves so they could subsequently control us.


Mr. Beck set out in his book to debunk the lies we hear in the media about gun control.

One example of a lie that he covers is that the Second Amendment wasn’t meant to cover the gun technologies of today.

Another example is the untruth that gun massacres in America are getting worse.

A third deception covered by the book is that absolutely no one is trying to take your guns away.

There are MANY more lies that he touches on but I don’t want to describe every detail here.


He doesn’t just make unsubstantiated claims in the book, he backs them up with facts. With each quote, Glenn uses the words of an untruthful person against him/her to uncover the truth. He gives the source of the quote and includes a detailed list of notes about those quotes in the back of the book.

The Real Cause

Mr. Beck finally tackles what he believes is the biggest reason for gun violence……our culture, specifically violent media. Movies, video games, TV shows, even books saturate our children (and adults) with desensitizing violence like never before.

In fact he correlates the increase in media violence with the increase in gun violence and violence in general.

My Recommendation

I would highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Glenn Beck’s Control. He is able to take a huge amount of raw data and make it pleasurably palatable. The information he puts into your hands through this book gives you the weapons you need to counter the lies that are out there.

Check out Control by Glenn Beck .


Do you believe there are lies out there about the gun control issue?

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