An Unexpected Call from My State Senator

Senator Gentile

In a previous post I described the experience I had when I contacted my U.S. congressmen regarding the recent attack on our Second Amendment rights. During that time I also called my state level senator, Lou Gentile to voice my opinion.

Pleasantly Surprised

When I called, I was quickly surprised by the young lady receiving calls in his office. She asked me, “What would be a good time for the senator to call you tomorrow?” What? I didn’t think that was even within the realm of possibility.  It’s kind of like when you call someone with the intention of only leaving a voicemail. I did not expect that response at all.

After I was able to regain my composure, I was able to set up a time for the next day. Then I actually started to sweat it. “Wait a minute, this guy isn’t even in my political party. What will I say. What if we…..disagree.” It took me a few minutes to relax and realize that my job was to simply, respectfully voice my opinion. I didn’t have to change his mind, just explain where I stood and what I wanted him to do. After all, the truth of the matter is that (because he is an elected official) he works for me.

Pleasantly Shocked

When the senator called (on time I might add), we talked for 45 minutes! He was very personable and open.

First off, I told him how much I appreciated the call. He didn’t have to call me, but he went out of his way to do so. That scores big points with me.

Senator Gentile listened thoroughly to my concerns and then gave his position on the matter. On most of the issues that we discussed, we were actually in agreement. There were a few areas where we disagreed. It’s not that I wanted him to align himself with me totally, but the main point is that he took 45 minutes to listen to me. I really appreciate that.

I wish that every elected representative from the city level to the federal level would/could do this.


Are you pleasantly shocked to hear about my experience?

Photo used with permission.

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