An Empty Chamber is an Extra Safety


There are no external safeties on my Glock. It has 3 internal safeties (trigger safety, drop safety, firing pin safety), but If there is a round in the chamber and I pull the trigger it will fire…period. I must keep that in mind at all times while handling, carrying and storing the weapon.

Good “Safety”Rule Of Thumb

You should always treat a gun like it is loaded, even if you know it is not. One should never aim the barrel at anything or anyone, despite the fact that you are sure it is unloaded.

Extra “Safety”

However, one way to create a “safety” is to not chamber a round. In fact if you think about it, an unchambered pistol is technically unloaded. There is no chance that it will fire if you don’t have a round in the pipe. During recreational target shooting, waiting to charge the weapon (until you are ready to fire) creates another layer of protection.

Any unchambered pistol will not misfire if dropped, or accidentally triggered. It can’t. There is no chance of accidental discharge. When you need that extra assurance while carrying or handling your semi-automatic, keeping the chamber clear can be a good way to create one more layer of safety.


Do you keep the chamber empty to create more safety ?

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