Ammunition Shortage

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So some of you may be aware of this, but there’s been an ammo shortage lately. Shocking, I know. It’s slowly getting better, but it still affects the average shooter.

I went into my local gun shop last month and saw 5 bricks of .22LR. My dad needs some for his rifle and asked me to get some for him if I saw any. That day I said to myself, “The supply must be coming back. I’ll get it next time.” I came back two days later and they were gone. I haven’t seen a box of .22LR since……anywhere.

I’ve read online that during the worst part of the run on ammunition, most companies were working around the clock to only produce the 3 most popular pistol calibers. That would be 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

If that is accurate, it is also crazy because I still could find only a few boxes of .40 during that time frame. Nine millimeter was absolutely non-existent. I’m not sure about .45 because I wasn’t looking for it.

Supposedly ammunition companies are now  back to producing almost every caliber, and the shortage is subsiding. I’m now able to find .40 a plenty, but I’ve yet to see many 9mm boxes. And companies are still producing as fast as possible.

I just wonder how much longer it will be before things change and people don’t feel the need to buy up every box they can get their hands on.

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