Magpul’s New Drum Magazine


magpul drum

I’ve mentioned this before, but I just love Magpul products. Everything they make is well thought out, insanely simple to use, extremely practical, yet surprisingly affordable. Each item is made with high quality materials, making the product itself feel solid.

Magpul’s newest gadget – a 60 round drum magazine – is already creating a buzz (since being announced at SHOT SHOW) and it won’t even be released to the public until this summer. They’re calling it the D-60, and it will run for $130.

This new magazine was not only made for the civilian AR-15 and military M4 platforms, but for you operators out there, it’s also compatible with NATO firearms like the HK416, MR556, SCAR MK16, and M27 IAR.

Some of the other features include: A shorter profile than a regular 30 round magazine, a rear window for instantly checking capacity, and a paint pen dot matrix for marking.

Many high-capacity, drum-type magazines made by other companies have a tendency to jam. I’m interested to see if Magpul has hit a home run with a drum that functions correctly without “extra care”.

When the D-60 is released this summer, we’ll see if it meets the current hype.

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