My Ever Evolving AR-15

Thought it would be fun to document the evolution of my AR-15. I’ve included all the pictures I could, but I didn’t take a photo with every change. It’s the same lower all the way through.

AR over glass

First picture above is how I bought it off Gunbroker. No rear sight. Magpul MOE od green furniture, that included the stock, mid length hand guard, trigger guard, and pistol grip. Funny thing is the metal 30 round magazine was what came with it. That is a mid length, HEAVY police barrel you’re looking at. Delton does not mess around. Yes, that is my back deck glass patio table.


Added a Magpul MBUS rear sight, and placed it way too far forward on the rail. Luke over at Triangle Tactical was good enough to privately message me and tell me to move it back. What can I say, I was learning. You’ll also notice the PMAG 30 with window.

1st red dot

This picture is a little blurry (took it with my old flip phone), but it shows my first cheap red dot. I ended up returning it for…


…The TRS-25 is shown with the next addition, a Palmetto State Armory M-4 profile barrel and upper. The Delton’s weight was killing me and I decided to trim down a bit. Carbine length. You’ll also see the Magpul MS3 sling, minus the adapter. I’m pretty sure that makes it an MS1.

vertical grip

Next comes the MOE SL (Slim Line) handguard, and the M-LOK MVG vertical grip. I also changed out the buttstock to the Magpul CTR. I wanted to tighten up the rattle a little on the stock, and there is a QD socket.

That’s where I’m currently at. I’ll be done with it some day.

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stocking a

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